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Greg Mercado

Born in Los Angeles, spent some time in Arizona then put his roots in Ventura!

Lead Singer and rhythm guitar

Greg has been playing guitar and singing for over 30 years,

Greg has a repertoire of songs that dates back from the 50's to present time, he has a powerful voice and excellent guitar skills, his band leadership and talents makes Pull The Trigger what it is!

Everything Greg plays comes from the heart, he has great stage performance and has a way with the crowd

Ed Wada

Born in Hollywood California, grew up in the San Fernando Valley and now lives in Ventura California
Bass Player, back up vocals and acoustic guitar
Ed has been playing bass guitar for over 40 years, Started out as a guitar player but converted over to bass 35 years ago.
always had the heart for folk and country music but didn't start playing country until 2010. He hangs the bass LOW and finds the groove!
Ed has been in many bands, "Full House", "Phase 5", "Baby Huey", "Moe Bluz"
and many more.
Toby Scarbrough

Born and raised in Sweetwater Texas! Born a country boy!!!
Plays the drums and sings back up vocals. Toby comes from a background of playing country in Texas when he was 15 years old, he used to take his moms car and drive out to the bar to play with local musicians, Toby has CHOPS!!! His meter is great and he can play anything!  In the 1990's he was in a band called "Chalk Farm" they had a hit " Lie on Lie"  and went on tour, did good but not what Columbia Records wanted so they got released. In 2010 "chalk Farm re-grouped and recorded another album. Toby Plays with another band called the "Drunken Monkeys, They play locally and in and around Los Angeles
Glad to have Toby with Pull The Trigger, an awesome addition!!!
Robert Heft was born in Washington, DC in 1956. He began his formal music education in third grade with the recorder, followed by six years of playing the trumpet. His interest in guitar started at age 12 and this was the beginning of a lifetime love for the instrument. Playing in high school rock and roll bands, he developed his chops listening to Alvin Lee, The Marshall Tucker Band, The Allman Brothers Band, Eric Clapton, and various other artists ranging in styles from country and blues to progressive rock.

It was during this period when Robert began playing slide guitar, emulating Duane Allman, Mick Taylor, Joe Walsh, Lowell George, and George Harrison. While playing clubs in Baltimore, Maryland, he earned his degree in Music Education. Moving to California in 1979, most of his gigs were in blues venues. Robert Heft began teaching guitar formally in Southern California music stores in 1980. This is also when he began digging into session work and developing his engineering and producing skills. This eventually lead to the formation of "Songwriters' Studio Services", a studio built with the concept of providing an affordable environment for songwriters to produce quality demos.

After joining forces with Dean guitars, Acoustic Science Strings, and Thomastik-Infeld Strings and through his use of the incredible Parsons-White Stringbender, Robert has developed a signature sound and style all his own. He has now established himself as a high profile guitarist, pedal steel guitarist, bassist, and producer on the Los Angeles music circuit.


John (Bubba) Gould from Houston, Texas.Bassist, guitarist, vocalist and pedal steel player, a man of many talents! John has played with some of the greats in country music.